Recruiters are annoying

There, I said it. It isn't entirely their fault though, I know some personally and they're great folks. The problem is, with the current system, they go in blind and need to contact everyone at random to hopefully find a match. We've fixed this and you can now go from constantly being pestered by irrelevant roles to only hearing about the ones worth hearing about. Some key features are:

Only contact me if...

You lay out the criteria for a role you're interested in hearing about. You will only be contacted for roles that fit your criteria. Recruiters who break this rule will be removed.

Get paid in the process

I won't pretend that this is a charity. We're getting paid for successful placements. I think it's high time you get a cut. Regardless of the signing bonus you can negotiate, you'll get $1,000 from us for a successful placement.

Your employer won't see this list

We work only with a few selected recruiters who are trusted in the industry. Your employer will not see you on this list as it will not be publicly available.

Wow, this seems amazing I'm in!