Your May Update: All about hours worked

In this update on Big 4 Transparency, we’ll be touching on the following:

  • Key takeaways about reported average weekly hours worked
  • A shoutout to this edition’s email sponsor
  • New opportunities being shared on the Job Board

Findings on average weekly hours worked

With the sun coming out and the weather heating up, we’ve all got summer on our minds, so the focus of this update is on… hours worked!

Big 4 Transparency is mostly about salary information but an increasingly important factor in choosing where to work is work-life balance. Luckily we’ve got data on that as well, so let’s dive in to the findings. These are all based on self-reported “Average weekly hours” reported by site users.

Average weekly hours worked by service line

  1. Tax: 48.84 hours
  2. Audit: 48.76 hours
  3. Financial Advisory: 48.56 hours
  4. Consulting: 47.98 hours
  5. Risk: 47.45 hours
  6. Industry: 43.98 hours

Average weekly hours worked by firm

  1. BKD: 51.2 hours
  2. PwC: 50.5 hours
  3. Armanino: 49.4 hours
  4. EY: 48.7 hours
  5. CliftonLarsonAllen: 48.5 hours
  6. Baker Tilly: 48.4 hours
  7. Moss Adams: 48.4 hours
  8. BDO: 48.4 hours
  9. RSM: 48.4 hours
  10. KPMG: 48.1 hours
  11. Grant Thornton: 48.1 hours
  12. Deloitte: 48.1 hours
  13. Crowe: 47.3 hours
  14. Accenture: 47.2 hours
  15. CohnReznik: 47.1 hours
  16. MNP: 44.4 hours

Average weekly hours worked by experience level

  1. 6 years of experience or more: 49.4 hours
  2. Under 6 years of experience: 48.2 hours

Average weekly hours worked by location

  1. United-States: 48.7 hours
  2. Canada: 47.8 hours
  3. Rest of Europe: 45 hours
  4. United-Kingdom: 44.6 hours

What I found to be really interesting about what was found was that people with 6 or more years of experience actually worked more than those with less on average. Having only stayed there long enough to see analyst and senior level work-life balance, I would have assumed the opposite result, but it’s good to know that managers and up are working just as hard if not more.

The rest of the results came out as expected for the most part with industry roles having the least hours on average, and places outside of North-America having less hours to work on average.

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New opportunities for you

We’re seeing a bit of a cooldown in the talent market compared to early 2022, but there are still loads of amazing opportunities out there for those of you who are looking for something new. For the Big 4 Transparency job board, I make sure to target interesting opportunities outside of what most recruiters are already pitching you, so I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for a new opportunity. Here are the new ones we’ve got posted for you: