Share and view accounting career earnings progressions

It's great to see what people are making now, but in informing your journey as a professional, it's important to know the journey these people took to get where they are. This section will serve the purpose of showing a full career's earnings progression. We ask for submissions to be a minimum of 3 years long, going up to 30 years. Because of the nature of this request, the form submission section is very long to give the option to provide an extended earnings history, but you can submit after filling out just the first 3 years. If you only have 5 years of data for example, just fill out the form til Year 5, then submit the rest blank. 

Share your earnings progression journey

Yeah, the form is daunting, I know... But I promise you it's quick. Here's how this works: The current year should be the last entry in the form, and you can work back from there. If you can't remember exact data for this section, don't worry. This is meant to be directional, so an estimate works.

Thank you for getting in touch!

Show me some submissionsl

As data comes in, it will be put into charts and shared on the newsletter. If you just can't wait and need a sneak preview, check out the data in this airtable link, but it's not the most consumable in table form.