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Why choose LumiQ

I've been holding out on advertising anything on this website for quite some time now because I refuse to sell junk to a community I appreciate so much. I was searching for the right fit, and I stumbled upon it purely as a consumer before even realizing it was perfect for this website. LumiQ is a native podcast app where engaging conversations with business leaders count as verified professional education for CPAs. With a slick mobile app, automatic compliance tracking and new episodes weekly, LumiQ has made professional education for CPAs something it's never been before; enjoyable. We're teaming up to give you 5 free credits (available to US & Canadian designated CPAs) to earn some extra progress towards your compliance. When you use this link to redeem your 5 free hours, Big 4 Transparency will get a 10% commission if you eventually convert to a paying customer.

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How I discovered LumiQ

As a new CPA who recently left a Big 4 Firm, I've been very unclear on the CPD (or CPE if you're American) rules, so I've been anxious to get it all sorted out before I get myself into trouble for being behind on my hours. That's when a coworker recommended LumiQ. They make it an absolute no-brainer to meet all your professional development requirements, and even track your hours compared to the requirements from your CPA governing body to make sure you're on track. I gave it a go, and will never need to worry about proper tracking of my hours again. Here are some of the episodes I've enjoyed so far and a few I've got bookmarked to enjoy over the coming weeks:

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